Meet Ethan Manning
Ethan Manning is a small businessman, a local farmer, and a community leader.

Through continuous hard work, Ethan has built a successful real estate and auction business and he invests in our community. He regularly volunteers his time at community auction events and serves on numerous local boards.

Ethan raises beef cattle on his 6th generation family farm and understands the importance of agriculture and strong rural communities. We need more of our community in Indianapolis, not more of Indianapolis in our community.

A lifelong Hoosier, Ethan has served our community at the state & local level in many ways, both in government and in local organizations, always remembering and fighting for our values. As President of the County Council, Ethan has always balanced our local budgets, and will take the same responsible budgeting to Indianapolis to keep our taxes low.

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Conservative. Conviction & Principles. Problem Solver.

As a small businessman, farmer, and President of the County Council, Ethan represents the best of our community. As a farmer and your neighbor, Ethan will always fight for our small towns, small schools, and our agricultural industry. He stands for life at all stages, will promote fiscal responsibility, and will always defend our Second Amendment rights. As State Representative, Ethan will take local concerns and values to Indianapolis, not the other way around. A sixth generation local Miami County farmer, Ethan will fight for our local values, and way of life.
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